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House Made of Dawn

N. Scott Momaday


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who is the main protagonist of House Made of Dawn?

2. Where does Abel come from at the beginning of the novel?

3. Who is Francisco?

4. Where does Abel grow up?

5. How do Abel and the albino meet?

6. Abel has romantic liaisons with:

7. Whom does Abel kill?

8. Why does Abel leave Walatowa?

9. Where does Abel go after he is released from prison?

10. What kind of job does Abel have in Los Angeles?

11. Who is the Priest of the Sun?

12. How does Abel meet Milly?

13. What stories and origin myths do Tosamah's sermons tell?

14. What psychedelic is involved in the Big Bluff's ceremony?

15. Where is Abel during the present moment of the narrative in the section "The Priest of The Sun"?

16. When was the last Kiowa sun dance held?

17. Where was the last Kiowa sun dance held?

18. Where does Ben find Abel after he is beaten up?

19. Whose grave does Tosamah visit at the end of his sermon "The Way to Rainy Mountain"?

20. Who is Abel's roommate in Los Angeles?

21. Whom does Father Olguin take a special interest in?

22. What do Ben and Abel make a pact to do?

23. What does Francisco do?

24. Who dies at the end of the novel?

25. What scene does Momaday describe in the prologue and at the end of the book?

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