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All the King's Men

Robert Penn Warren


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What is Willie's position when he first meets Jack?

2. Why does Jack's mother come home early the night Jack nearly sleeps with Anne Stanton?

3. How does Willie defeat the impeachment attempt?

4. Why does Judge Irwin accept the bribe?

5. Why does Jack marry Lois?

6. Why is Tom Stark always in the papers?

7. Who helps Willie overcome his first hangover?

8. How does Tiny embarrass himself at the picnic in Upton?

9. What event prompts Annabelle Trice to sell Phebe?

10. Who tells Adam Stanton about Willie's affair with Anne Stanton?

11. Where does Jack attend college?

12. What happens to the child Tom may have fathered with Sibyl Frey?

13. How does Tom Stark die?

14. Who reveals to Jack that Judge Irwin once had a financial crisis?

15. Where does Jack go when he learns about Anne's affair with Willie?

16. With what metaphor does Jack portray his philosophy that no one is responsible for anything?

17. Where does Lucy go after she leaves Willie?

18. Who is Jack's father?

19. What does Jack do before divorcing Lois?

20. Where do Jack and Anne live at the end of the novel?

21. Where does the specialist who looks at Tom's injury come from?

22. Who does Willie campaign for after he loses his first gubernatorial election?

23. Why does Hugh Miller resign?

24. Who usually drives Willie's Cadillac?

25. Who does Willie say he will name the new hospital after?

26. What tragedy propels Willie's political career?

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