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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who begins the narration of the novel?

2. With what condition is Pearl afflicted?

3. Who are Tessa and Cleo?

4. Who is Peanut?

5. Who does not know about Pearl's condition?

6. For what purpose has Auntie Helen invited the entire family to a celebration at the beginning of the novel?

7. Who is Jimmy Louie?

8. What event occurs the day after Bao-Bao's engagement party?

9. With whom does Winnie grow up after her mother leaves?

10. Why does Winnie hate Wen Fu?

11. Who narrates the majority of the novel?

12. Who gives Winnie the name Winnie?

13. What does Auntie Du leave Pearl in her will?

14. Where does Winnie meet Jimmy Louie?

15. Who is Danru?

16. Who is Pearl's real father?

17. What does the word taonan mean?

18. What is Helen's relationship to Winnie?

19. Why does Helen say that it is time for family secrets to be told?

20. How did Winnie meet Wan Betty?

21. Who was Mochou?

22. Why does Winnie's servant girl want to leave the house?

23. Who was Min?

24. What does Min teach Winnie?

25. What was Winnie's secret place when she lived with Old Aunt and New Aunt?

26. What does Winnie give her daughter at the end of the novel?

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The Kitchen God's Wife is the second novel by Chinese-American author, Amy Tan. First published in 1991, it deals extensively with Sino-American female identity and draws on the story of her mother's life.