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Full-Book Quiz

1. What is Drawing Number One supposed to depict?

2. Where does the narrator’s plane crash?

3. What is the first thing the little prince asks of the pilot?

4. What is the Earth name for the little prince’s home planet?

5. Why does the narrator make note of the name and astronomical history of the little prince’s home planet?

6. What drawing does the narrator say he worked especially hard on?

7. Whom does the little prince love?

8. Why does the little prince leave his planet?

9. Why is the rose certain she can defend herself?

10. Whom does the prince meet on the first planet he visits?

11. Whom does the prince meet on the second planet?

12. Whom does the prince meet on the third planet?

13. Whom does the prince meet on the fourth planet?

14. Whom does the prince meet on the fifth planet?

15. Whom does the prince meet on the sixth planet?

16. Who is the first being the prince meets on Earth?

17. Why does the discovery of the rose garden make the little prince sad?

18. How does the fox define to “tame?”

19. According to the fox, what makes the prince’s rose so important?

20. After talking with the little prince, what does the pilot realize makes the desert beautiful?

21. Why does the pilot worry about the little prince’s departure?

22. What sort of pills does the salesclerk the little prince meets sell?

23. What does the narrator say is most important to him in the story’s final chapter?

24. On his planet, what does the little prince place over the rose at night?

25. What is the narrator’s occupation?

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Small error

by SpenseBasse, December 11, 2013

For the character description of the little prince, it states he identified the narrator's drawing of a boa eating a snake. It was, however, a drawing of a boa eating an elephant. Just wanted to note this to avoid confusion


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by monkey_munchkin, February 18, 2014

The baobabs could also be symbolic for negative feelings that a person has towards themselves or someone or something else. If these "ugly" feelings are not uprooted, they manifest an individual's mind.


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by krazykenz02, February 19, 2014

The climax is way off. The climax is when the little prince meets the snake on the old wall.


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