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Full-Book Quiz

1. True or false: Mick shoots Baby Wilson in the head

2. True or false: Dr. Copeland gets arrested by a sheriff and has to spend a year in jail

3. True or false: Biff begins wearing his wife's perfume and sewing after she dies

4. True or false: Mick has sex with Harry Minowitz

5. True or false: Jake Blount works as a clown at a carnival

6. True or false: Singer shoots himself at the mental asylum when he finds out that Antonapoulos has died

7. True or false: Buddy's real name is Karl Marx

8. True or false: Jake and Dr. Copeland have an amicable discussion about Marxism

9. True or false: Biff, like Singer, enjoys observing people instead of talking at great length

10. True or false: Jake decides to move to Russia

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