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Lucky Jim

Kingsley Amis


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What does Dixon think of in the bathroom of the Oak Lounge when he is there with Margaret?

2. What issue do Bertrand and Dixon argue over when they first meet?

3. Why does Dixon leave the Welches' weekend party even sooner than he'd initially planned?

4. What does Professor Welch call Dixon into his office to tell him after the weekend party?

5. Why doesn't Christine want to telephone the Welch house and ask about Bertrand's whereabouts?

6. Who does Dixon pretend to be on the phone with Mrs. Welch and Bertrand?

7. How does Gore-Urquhart impress Dixon at the Summer Ball?

8. Who urges Dixon to make a move for Christine at the Summer Ball?

9. From whom does Dixon steal a taxi?

10. What does Christine give Dixon before he leaves her at the Welches?

11. Why does Dixon mail Johns a threatening letter?

12. Who comes into Dixon's room after Dixon has had a fight with Bertrand?

13. After he imitates Professor Welch and the Principal, what speech pattern does Dixon adopt during his "Merrie England" lecture?

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