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Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. Mansfield Park was published in:

2. The ship on which William Price is lieutenant is the:

3. What is the name of Henry Crawford's estate?

4. Which play does the group attempt to perform?

5. Fanny's sisters Susan and Betsey fight over what keepsake?

6. About how old is Fanny when she comes to Mansfield Park?

7. Sir Thomas owns a plantation in which colony?

8. Which of the following is not one of Fanny's biological siblings?

9. Fanny's father is a(n):

10. What kind of dogs does Lady Bertram keep as pets?

11. Fanny's preferred form of exercise is:

12. What gift of William's does Fanny want to wear to the ball at Mansfield?

13. Edmund is training to be a(n):

14. Mrs. Norris is:

15. Who helps William get his promotion?

16. By the end of the novel, which of the following has not been a parson at Mansfield Parsonage?

17. Where do Fanny's parents live?

18. Jane Austen's favorite author was:

19. What instrument does Mary Crawford play?

20. Which character does not go on the excursion to Sotherton?

21. How does Fanny hear of Maria and Henry's elopement?

22. Which of the following are Mrs. Norris's children?

23. What is the name of Edmund's first parish?

24. What poet does Fanny quote regarding Rushworth's planned destruction of the avenue of trees on his estate?

25. Whom does Mary Crawford finally marry?

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Regarding Maria Bertram and Mrs. Norris in the last chapter

by baerro, March 14, 2013

Regarding Maria Bertram and Mrs. Norris in the last chapter, neither leaves England. When Austen writes that "an establishment [is] being formed for them in another country," she does not mean continental Europe. Here, "country" simply means another part of the same country (most likely somewhere in the countryside). They are still in England.


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