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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Creon and Glauce die by:

2. Aegeus is king of:

3. Colchis is:

4. The play opens with:

5. Jason immediately became King of Corinth after he married Glauce, TRUE or FALSE:

6. Medea's divine ancestor is:

7. The chorus is composed of:

8. Glauce is NOT:

9. Medea's chosen profession is:

10. Medea has a reputation for being clever, TRUE or FALSE:

11. Medea's first words in the play are:

12. Jason earned fame as an adventurer by:

13. Medea first reveals her plans to kill her children AFTER:

14. The action of the play takes place over the course of (a):

15. Medea herself brings the coronet and dress to Glauce, TRUE OR FALSE:

16. Medea makes her escape on a:

17. The play is set in:

18. Medea is sentenced by Creon to:

19. The chorus supports Medea in all her decisions, TRUE or FALSE:

20. Jason learns of his children's death from:

21. Jason admits he should have never divorced Medea AFTER:

22. Jason seeks to murder Medea after he learns of his children's death, TRUE or FALSE?

23. Aegeus sought from the Oracle at Delphi:

24. Medea is responsible for the death of all of the following, EXCEPT:

25. Medea reacts negatively to the news her children have been reprieved from banishment, TRUE or FALSE:

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Comprehensive Summary Clarification

by kathy_clara, November 06, 2013

The comprehensive summary here says, "Seeing his daughter ravaged by the poison, Creon chooses to die by her side by dramatically embracing her and absorbing the poison himself," suggesting that Creon willingly committed suicide. However, the play itself says, "Everyone was afraid to touch the corpse. We had what had happened to teach us. But her poor father, still unaware of the calamity, suddenly came into the house and fell upon the corpse." True, Creon's lamentations suggest a willingness to die, but the text itself doesn't imply that hi


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Dragon Chariot?

by erinc42, March 06, 2014

Medea does not flee in a dragon chariot, Jason arrives at her house (hoping to kill her for Murdering Creon and Creosa) just after she has killed the children, then she comes out to talk to him at first denying that she killed the children. She then tells servants to bring out the children, who are dead, and Jason is heartbroken. Medea then goes back into the house and Jason tries to follow her, but "collapses". At least that is the way I have read it, maybe there are multiple versions, I would check to be sure which way you are reading it.... Read more


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lines missed

by rdshcx, September 16, 2015

Where are the lines 1232-1316?


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