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Midnight’s Children

Salman Rushdie


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. 1. Where does Aadam Aziz initially live?

2. 2. What is Aadam’s most prominent feature?

3. 3. Who is Saleem’s faithful listener?

4. 4. What is Shiva the god of?

5. 5. How many midnight’s children are there initially?

6. 6. What religion is Mary Pereira?

7. 7. What is Ahmed addicted to?

8. 8. What is the name of the estate Saleem is raised on?

9. 9. What is the last thing Amina sees before dying?

10. 10. What happens to Hanif?

11. 11. What does Saleem see in the mind of Evie Burns?

12. 12. Who is Tai Bibi?

13. 13. On what day does India receive its independence?

14. 14. What is Shiva’s special gift?

15. 15. Who is Saleem’s biological father?

16. 16. What is Saleem’s favorite hiding spot in the house?

17. 17. What is Mian Abdullah the head of?

18. 18. Why happens to Ahmed do bring his wife and family back to him?

19. 19. Who is Saleem’s son named after?

20. 20. Who is the Widow?

21. 21. Where is Saleem sent while in the army?

22. 22. What saves Saleem’s life as a baby?

23. 23. Who does Amina meet at the Pioneer Café?

24. 24. Where is Saleem’s family living when they are killed?

25. 25. What is Saleem’s son born with?

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by Klayman55, March 24, 2017

The summary for "Tick, Tock" incorrectly states that Saleem is the biological son of Wee Willie Winkie and Vanita. The Analysis section has the correct info, that his biological father is Methwold.

Error 2

by Klayman55, May 08, 2017

Also, the summary for "How Saleem Achieved Purity" is incorrect, it says that the bomb that hit the jail frees Zafar. This could be misconstrued as the book is ambiguous, simply saying that the bomb "spared him a life of captivity." However, it later confirms that Zafar was indeed among those that died (pg. 452 in the Random House 2006 edition.)

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