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The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What is Edmond Dantès’s profession at the beginning of the novel?

2. Who is the first person Dantès visits when he reaches Marseilles?

3. Which of the following statements is closest to the truth?

4. What does Danglars write in his letter to the public prosecutor?

5. Why does Villefort sentence Dantès to life in prison?

6. How does Dantès figure out that he has been framed?

7. Why does everyone believe that Abbé Faria is insane?

8. Why does Dantès consider Faria his second father?

9. How does Dantès escape from prison?

10. Where is the Faria’s fortune hidden?

11. Why does Dantès give Caderousse a valuable diamond?

12. When Dantès saves Monsieur Morrel from ruin, how does he sign his letter?

13. Who is the Abbé Busoni?

14. How does Dantès win Albert de Morcerf’s trust?

15. Why does Eugénie Danglars not want to marry Albert de Morcerf?

16. Why does Valentine Villefort not want to marry Franz d’Epinay?

17. What do Julie and Emmanuel prove to Dantès?

18. Whose greed does Dantès exploit?

19. Which of the following people does not play a part in the revenge scheme against Villefort?

20. How does Haydée help bring about Fernand Mondego’s downfall?

21. Why does Albert de Morcerf refuse to fight a duel with Dantès?

22. Why do Albert and Mercédès abandon all of their wealth?

23. Why does Maximilian long to kill himself?

24. Why does Dantès allow Maximilian to believe that Valentine is dead?

25. How does Dantès learn to feel normal human emotions again?

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Sultan of Monte Cristo-The Sequel

by keitht7, July 15, 2012

The Sultan of Monte Cristo is a return to the great classic writing of

the late 19th century.Written as a sequel to the long time loved and

treasured adventure novel The Count of Monte Cristo,Sultan of

Monte Cristo pays great tribute to the original by remaining full of

intrigue and adding more seductive romance with the harem of the

The many exploites of the Sultan leaves you wondering how could

this astonishing work of literary art be so captivating while keeping

to the ... Read more


27 out of 95 people found this helpful


by KingSize4, May 02, 2013

This for the full version if your not reading the full version this will get you even more confused than the book does. The Count of Monte Christo is a good book but not when your confused about the Plot i'm in the middle of reading it and think the spark notes really help.


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Not done yet- Many Characters

by thereader77, October 16, 2013

Keep track of the many characters in this novel - the notes so far are far off from the chapter notes. Chapters listed here are incorrect. wait for further notes.


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