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The Moonstone

Wilkie Collins


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who is the author of the prologue document in The Moonstone?

2. To what book does Gabriel Betteredge refer for prophecies?

3. Who has asked Gabriel Betteredge to write his narrative?

4. Who leaves the Moonstone to Rachel Verinder?

5. Why does Betteredge guess that Franklin Blake is indecisive?

6. What happens to the Indians the night of the diamond theft?

7. Why does Rosanna Spearman sneak into Frizinghall the day after the diamond is stolen?

8. What is the main clue in Sergeant Cuff's investigation?

9. Why does Rachel refuse to cooperate with the diamond investigation?

10. Where does Rosanna commit suicide?

11. With which character is Miss Clack most closely connected?

12. Why does Rachel break off her engagement to Godfrey Ablewhite?

13. What does Miss Clack distribute around Lady Verinder's house?

14. What question does Mr. Bruff's Indian visitor ask him?

15. How does Franklin first realize that he took the diamond?

16. Why does Lucy Yolland treat Franklin so contemptuously?

17. How does Jennings know that Franklin took the diamond without his own knowledge?

18. What of the following is not a preparation made to re-enact the night of the diamond theft?

19. Who of the following was not present for the re-enactment of the night of the diamond theft?

20. Who follows the mysterious sailor to "The Wheel of Fortune?"

21. Who does the mysterious sailor turn out to be?

22. How did Godfrey get the diamond?

23. What does Ezra Jennings leave to Franklin Blake?

24. Whose narrative ends The Moonstone?

25. Which is the correct number of narrators and narratives included in The Moonstone (counting the prologue and epilogue)?

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by youghalclee, May 04, 2016

There are way too many characters in this story. Is it really necessary like?

Number of Characters

by Siaran, December 29, 2016

Hi This is a whodunnit detective mystery story about a stolen gemstone. There has to be a lot of suspects so you don't guess who the thief is straightaway. Multiple characters mean more of a puzzle and even if you guess you might find there is a twist in the tale.

It is also an on & off love story, a period drama, has daring do and dangerous quicksand so there is lots for everyone - except children. More suited to teens, but makes a passable period drama for over the Christmas season - as the current five part TV drama shows (Dec 2... Read more

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