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O Pioneers!

Willa Cather


Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. Who is Marie Shabata's father?

2. What affliction kills Amedee Chevalier?

3. What is the nature and term of Frank Shabata's sentence?

4. What profession does Carl Linstrum practice during his first long absence from the Divide?

5. Who is the tenor in the Catholic church's choir?

6. Which of these characters is involved in Populist Party politics?

7. What profession did John Bergson practice in Sweden?

8. Who is Alexandra's favorite niece?

9. What is Marie Shabata's ethnicity?

10. What instrument does Emil Bergson play in the University band?

11. What is the name of the little town, largely populated by French Catholics, near Hanover?

12. What is the name of Amedee Chevalier's young son?

13. What language does Crazy Ivar speak?

14. Who is Barney Flinn?

15. What is Marie doing at the fair when Emil finally kisses her?

16. What tell-tale sign of Frank's past does Alexandra uncover while searching for crochet patterns in Marie's closet?

17. Where does Carl go to seek his fortune after Lou and Oscar drive him off the Divide?

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error in context for part I

by melanne15, March 19, 2016

Even though the drought comes to the Divide three years after the death of John Bergson, the story picks up six years later. In the book, it states that, after three years the drought came and lasted for another three years.


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by Dallasar, October 17, 2016

I've read this book three times and just realized that the timeline doesn't add up.
In Part II, it has been 16 years since John Bergson died. Part I ended 6 years after his death, measured by the 3 years of success followed by 3 years of drought. Carl leaves at the end of these 6 years.
But when Carl returns, he says it has been 16 years since he has been gone.
Emil has also only aged 16 years since the start of the novel, from 5 to 21, so it isn't simply a typo at the start of Part II that could explain the gap being longer.

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