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Oranges are Not the Only Fruit

Jeanette Winterson


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Why is Jeanette's mother bitter at the Virgin Mary?

2. When does Jeanette have her first major theological disagreement?

3. Who is Jeanette's first lover?

4. Which pastor converted Jeanette's mother?

5. Where does Jeanette first meet Melanie?

6. In which of the following places does Jeanette work after she leaves home?

7. Who used to be Jeanette's mother's lover?

8. Which of the following church members practices numerology?

9. Which of the following church members is a secret lesbian?

10. What rule does Jeanette's father once violate on Sunday?

11. What does Jeanette's mother want her to become?

12. Who discovers that Jeanette lost her hearing?

13. Jeanette's teachers confront her because of which of the following?

14. Jeanette decides to initially repent her lesbianism because of which of the following?

15. What is Jeanette's mother's favorite novel?

16. What instrument does Miss Jewsbury play?

17. With whom is Jeanette's second long term relationship?

18. Why does Sir Perceval leave King Arthur's castle?

19. What fruit does Jeanette's mother feed the converted of African descent?

20. What unholy act do the neighbors commit on a Sunday?

21. What color in Jeanette's demon?

22. What does the gypsy tell Jeanette?

23. Who visited Jeanette frequently in the hospital?

24. What happens on Jeanette's "awful occasion?"

25. Why is Jeanette locked in the parlor for thirty-six hours?

26. Where does Jeanette live at the end of the novel?

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