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Ordinary People

Judith Guest

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Calvin Jarrett is a(n):

Most of the novel is set in a suburb of:

Conrad's dead older brother was named:

Conrad's brother was killed in a:

The after-school sport that Conrad quits is:

Conrad's girlfriend is named:

Conrad gets into a fist fight at school with:

At one point in the novel, Conrad goes out to a diner for a Coke with:

At the end of the novel:

Beth and Calvin take a golfing trip to:

A short while after the death of his brother, Conrad:

Conrad's psychiatrist is:

In school, Conrad is a(n):

Calvin's colleague who once had a shaky marriage is:

When Calvin thinks about his son, he usually becomes:

Other works by Judith Guest include:

One of the books Conrad has to study in his English class is:

In order to help himself fall asleep at night, Conrad begins to:

Whenever Calvin and Beth go out of town, Conrad:

While Conrad was in the hospital, his mother:

At the end of the novel, Conrad learns that Karen has:

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