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The Origin of Species

Charles Darwin


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. How did Darwin know Emma Wedgewood, the woman he married in 1839?

2. 2. Which scientist’s manuscript convinced Darwin to rush The Origin of Species into publication?

3. 3. According to Darwin, which mechanism is responsible for evolution?

4. 4. According to Darwin, how do variations occur in a species?

5. 5. Which scientific work does Darwin rely on for his theory of the struggle for existence?

6. 6. According to Darwin, what is the difference between species and varieties?

7. 7. Why are domesticated species useful for Darwin’s theory?

8. 8. Why must species engage in a struggle for existence?

9. 9. Which field of study does Darwin most directly position himself against?

10. 10. Which scientific discovery would most help to bolster Darwin’s theory?

11. 11. Where did Darwin begin to collect the data and observations that would lead to his theory of the origin of species?

12. 12. Which statement does Darwin’s manuscript make about nature?

13. 13. Which term does Darwin use to describe evolution?

14. 14. Which of the following is NOT an example of an advantageous variation?

15. 15. What is an example of a trait that may have been perpetuated through sexual selection?

16. 16. According to Darwin, why do species become extinct?

17. 17. According to Darwin, the earth is at least how old?

18. 18. Which of the following is NOT presented as a scientific criticism of Darwin’s theory?

19. 19. How does Darwin explain the problems of the fossil record?

20. 20. Which geological change in the earth’s history most affected the distribution of species?

21. 21. What are rudimentary organs?

22. 22. How might the seeds of a plant migrate to areas of geographic isolation?

23. 23. Why is the system of classification so important to Darwin’s theory?

24. 24. How do embryos provide clues for descent with modification?

25. 25. What were the social theorists who attempted to apply Darwin’s theory to human society called?

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Thank you

by YukinaKid, September 09, 2012

God bless you for writing this. I spent two HOURS reading just fourteen pages and this was an absolute life saver. I have a "reading assessment" quiz tomorrow and you have guaranteed my understanding of what I spent two precious hours of my life reading. Thank you. So much.


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by car-lene-xoxo, October 02, 2014

I have to write an essay on this book in a few days, and had 3 weeks to read this book. I couldn't understand it, and it was so dry that I couldn't even finish it. This summary of each chapter was so detailed and easy to read. So i thank the person who wrote this SO MUCH! You saved me. God bless you.

Bless You

by SavedbytheBell4Real, November 15, 2016

Wow. Darwin is pretty boring, you have saved me from misery of reading this book with these beautiful notes. You are amazing