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Suggestions for Further Reading

Suggestions for Further Reading

Suggestions for Further Reading

Suggestions for Further Reading

Suggestions for Further Reading

Suggestions for Further Reading

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The man in the iron cage

by Ewan_Wattameye, July 14, 2013

I would take a certain issue with the observation that Bunyan invokes his own imprisonment when he writes about the man in the iron cage. Certainly Bunyan would have been sensitive to the idea of imprisonment, and this sensitivity could very well have emboldened his passion to warn others of the unwanted consequences of certain behaviors, but I believe there the similarity ends. Bunyan had been imprisoned for preaching the gospel without an official sanction from the religious establishment of the day; the unjust result of extreme obedienc


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Missed key symbol

by rara_greenaway, March 10, 2015

The characters are very important in establishing the journey. It also dramatic irony in some cases, for instance when Christian talks to the worldly wise man- you know that he will lead him away from his current journey because you understand his name (or label) in context.

Hey you, reader

by MasondedeJohn, February 10, 2017

Awesome book. I read this summary first and only then I read the whole book, and the spoiler did not stop me. I highly recommend you read it to and if you need an essay on this topic, you can look here -