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The Plague

Albert Camus


Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. Who is the narrator of The Plague?

2. How does Dr. Rieux describe the phenomenon of dying rats?

3. What does Dr. Rieux consider humankind's only real vice?

4. How does Cottard react to the arrival of the plague?

5. How does the public first react to the total quarantine of Oran?

6. Who does the narrator of The Plague offer as a "hero?"

7. How does Paneloux interpret the plague in his first sermon?

8. How does Rieux's asthma patient mark time?

9. How does the police inspector react to Cottard's attempted suicide?

10. What crime did Cottard commit in the past?

11. What is Rambert's profession?

12. Why did Grand's wife leave him?

13. How does Paneloux interpret the plague in his second sermon?

14. Who is the first victim of the plague?

15. What does the narrator of The Plague implicitly criticize in Oran society?

16. What is Grand's favorite hobby?

17. How does Tarrou help with the anti-plague effort?

18. What does Tarrou think the plague symbolizes?

19. How does Rieux react to the news of his wife's death?

20. Why does Paneloux refuse to consult a doctor when he falls ill?

21. How would Rieux's philosophy best be characterized?

22. Who is responsible for fighting the plague?

23. How does Tarrou react when he contracts the plague?

24. What does Rieux do when it becomes clear that the anti-plague efforts aren't effective?

25. Why does Tarrou oppose forcing criminals to join the anti-plague league?

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