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Chapters Thirty-Two–Thirty-Three

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Chapters Thirty-Two–Thirty-Three

Chapters Thirty-Two–Thirty-Three

Chapters Thirty-Two–Thirty-Three

Chapters Thirty-Two–Thirty-Three

Chapters Thirty-Two–Thirty-Three

Summary: Chapter Thirty-Two: The Elder Wand

Giant spiders from the Forbidden Forest enter the school, fighting on the side of the Death Eaters, as Harry, Ron, and the Weasleys try to move Fred’s body to a safe place. Ron wants to stay and fight to avenge his brother, but Hermione urges him to focus on the goal: to destroy Nagini, the last known Horcrux. Harry uses his ability to see through Voldemort’s eyes to find out where he is, and has a vision of Voldemort in the Shrieking Shack in Hogsmeade ordering Lucius Malfoy, who is frantic with worry about Draco, to go fetch Snape.

They head toward the Whomping Willow to enter the passageway to the Shrieking Shack, on the way fighting off attacking Death Eaters and saving Draco Malfoy’s life from a Death Eater who mistakes him for an enemy. Before they reach the Willow, they see that giants have joined the fight on both sides, and they have to fight off a hundred dementors, with some help from Luna, Ernie, and Seamus, who have mastered the art of summoning Patronuses.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione enter the passage and creep to where they can observe what’s happening in the Shrieking Shack. Voldemort is telling Snape that the Elder Wand is working no better than his old wand and has not given him the extraordinary powers it was supposed to. Voldemort concludes that he is not yet the true master of the Elder Wand, because Snape killed its previous owner, and thus Voldemort must kill Snape to be the wand’s master. Voldemort orders Nagini to kill Snape, and the great snake bites Snape’s neck, mortally wounding him. Voldemort leaves.

Harry goes to Snape’s body, and Snape, dying, tells Harry to “Take it,” and expels a silvery substance from his mouth, nose, and ears. Harry collects the substance in a flask that Hermione provides, and Snape, after telling Harry to look at him, dies.

Summary: Chapter Thirty-Three: The Prince’s Tale

Voldemort addresses the school, telling them that he will give them a one-hour reprieve to dispose of their dead and treat the wounded. He announces that Harry should meet him alone in the Forbidden Forest in one hour, or Voldemort will recommence the battle, enter the fray himself, and kill every person who helped Harry.

In the Great Hall of Hogwarts, those who have died fighting for Harry are laid out. Among the dead are Lupin and Tonks.

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Vocab Q

by jackokay, March 08, 2014

How can harry walk away stoically if he's shows he furious about his wand being broken by Hermione?


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by alexviola7, December 08, 2015

Because Harry is very close to Hermione, he doesn't want to look upset and make her feel bad. Also, he knows that there is no way to fix it, so he doesn't want to waste his time moping around. He has to focus on more important things like the horcruxes. He is upset about it, but will just deal with it quietly without hurting Hermione's feelings.

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