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E. L. Doctorow


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. In which town do Mother, Father, and the little boy reside?

2. Whose car breaks down outside the little boy's house?

3. What does Mother discover in the backyard?

4. What is Sarah's occupation?

5. When Houdini escapes from the cell at the Tombs, whom does he stumble upon?

6. What might one most accurately classify Emma Goldman's political beliefs?

7. Who emerges from Emma Goldman's closet?

8. Why doesn't Father present to his family the gifts he brought them from the North Pole?

9. What change does Father notice in Mother's sexual behavior upon his return from the expedition?

10. Whose stories does Grandfather tell the little boy?

11. With the history of which nation does J.P. Morgan become particularly fascinated?

12. In which New York City neighborhood does J.P. Morgan reside?

13. What is Sarah's reaction to Coalhouse Walker's visit?

14. Why does Father initially object to Coalhouse's visits?

15. What was it about Mother's Younger Brother that convinced the revolutionaries to accept him?

16. What is Coalhouse's gripe against Willie Conklin?

17. How does Father feel about the presence of Sarah and her baby in his household?

18. What is Harry Houdini's real name?

19. Against which ethnic group does Henry Ford make a statement during his lunch with J.P. Morgan?

20. Which instrument does Coalhouse play?

21. To which New England town does Tateh escape with his little girl and witness a textile mill strike?

22. To which country does Mother's Younger Brother travel to continue his revolutionary path?

23. When Coalhouse first plays for Mother and Father, whose music does he play?

24. What famous person enters J.P. Morgan's house to try to reason with Coalhouse?

25. Whom does Mother marry at the end of the novel?

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