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A Raisin in the Sun

Lorraine Hansberry


Study Questions & Essay Topics

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1. In what city do the Youngers live?

2. From whom are the Youngers awaiting a check?

3. What does Ruth find out when she goes to the doctor?

4. What does Walter’s employer call to say?

5. What do the Youngers give Mama on the day they move?

6. What does Beneatha want to be?

7. What does Karl Lindner want the Youngers to do?

8. Which country does Joseph Asagai come from?

9. When he is fooling around with Beneatha, what does Walter call himself?

10. Who is the Youngers’ next-door neighbor?

11. Where does Mama keep her plant?

12. Where does Travis sleep?

13. What does Ruth buy in her excitement about the Youngers’ new home?

14. What does Ruth tell Walter to do when he complains incessantly about his life?

15. Where do Ruth and Walter go when they are becoming more hopeful about the future?

16. In what year was A Raisin in the Sun first performed?

17. What does Ruth consider when she finds out that she is pregnant?

18. Why do Ruth and Mama approve of George Murchison?

19. Who is the last to leave the Younger apartment at the end of the play?

20. Whom does Mrs. Johnson quote when she visits the Youngers’ apartment?

21. At what point does Mama say that Walter has finally achieved his “manhood”?

22. What happens to the money that Walter invests in the liquor store?

23. Near the end of the play, what does Asagai leave Beneatha to think about?

24. What does Travis do to make money?

25. Where does Walter often go to escape the apartment?

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Incorrect detail

by Penderworth, October 31, 2013

"The other family members strongly disagree with Walter’s decision to accept Mr. Lindner’s buyout, but Walter, standing firm, decides that he will take control of the situation" is wrong. He doesn't wish to accept the offer, as you say in your Analysis of Major Characters: "Walter finally becomes a man when he stands up to Mr. Lindner and refuses the money that Mr. Lindner offers the family not to move in to its dream house in a white neighborhood." Please amend this.


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Just a Question

by azahmed716, December 11, 2013

What About Ruth


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by dfhrtgjhtyj, January 19, 2016

help i got raisins in my butt what do i do


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