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Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. Julien Sorel's favorite book is:

2. Which historical figure does Julien admire most?

3. What does Julien's friend Fouqué do for a living?

4. Who was Mathilde's famous ancestor?

5. Who does Julien shoot?

6. What was the color of the clergy?

7. In which period of French history does the novel take place?

8. What does M. Valenod do for a living?

9. How many children do the Rênals have?

10. What is Julien's ennobled name?

11. Where does Julien's trial take place?

12. What country does the Marquis want Julien to leave for?

13. Who does Julien use to make Mathilde jealous?

14. Who is the director of the seminary?

15. M. de Rênal belongs to which political party?

16. How is Julien executed?

17. What book can Julien recite by heart?

18. What does Julien use to reach Mathilde's window?

19. What is the first thing Julien does to Mme. de Rênal?

20. During which year did Stendhal write The Red and the Black?

21. Who writes the letter to the Marquis that denounces Julien?

22. Who can tell that Julien is a hypocrite?

23. Who is the foreman of the jury?

24. What form of desire does Stendhal describe in the novel?

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