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The Red Tent

Anita Diamant


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. 1. What is the woman’s name that inspires Rachel to become a midwife?

2. 2. What is Jacob’s twin brother’s name?

3. 3. How many brothers does Dinah have?

4. 4. When do women visit the red tent?

5. 5. Which is a signature midwife tool?

6. 6. Which sister is the most spiritual and the most attached to her gods?

7. 7. Which is not one of Laban’s children?

8. 8. Who does Dinah play with most as she grows up?

9. 9. Which of Dinah’s brothers does she consider the cruelest?

10. 10. Why does Jacob take his family away from Laban and their home?

11. 11. What happens to Jacob along the journey to Canaan?

12. 12. Who is Rebecca?

13. 13. What happens to Werenro?

14. 14. When happens at Dinah’s first menstruation?

15. 15. What happens to Tabea?

16. 16. How does Dinah meet Shalem?

17. 17. What is the name of the woman who delivers Dinah’s son and becomes her closest friend?

18. 18. Where does Dinah first meet Benia?

19. 19. How does Dinah recognize Werenro when they are reunited?

20. 20. How do Dinah and Benia end up together?

21. 21. How does Dinah learn that Joseph is alive and vizier to the king?

22. 22. Who recognizes her when she goes with Joseph to see Jacob?

23. 23. What does Leah leave her?

24. 24. How many children does Dinah have?

25. 25. Why does Dinah tell her story?

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I disagree. Leah and Rachel were polytheistic.

by sman613, April 29, 2014

Nobody can change their customs fast. These two grew up as polytheists, so it is improbable that they would have been, at least during the time frame of the story, monotheists. That is why in Genesis 35:2, Jacob needs to say: "Remove the foreign gods which are in your midst..."

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