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Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. From what illness is Deborah suffering?

2. How many years does Deborah stay in the hospital receiving treatment?

3. Why did Deborah undergo surgery at the age of five?

4. What is Yr?

5. Why did Joanne Greenberg write I Never Promised You a Rose Garden?

6. How do Esther and Jacob feel about Deborah's illness?

7. How does Deborah feel about the hospital?

8. What trauma did Carla suffer in her childhood?

9. Why do the patients torment Hobbs?

10. What happens to Hobbs?

11. Why does Ellis begin working at the hospital?

12. Who is Doris Rivera?

13. How does Dr. Fried deal with Yr when treating Deborah?

14. Which of the following best describes Deborah?

15. Why do the patients torment Ellis?

16. Why is Deborah pleased when McPherson asks her to stop tormenting Ellis?

17. Who is Dr. Royson?

18. Why does Deborah begin burning herself with matches and cigarettes?

19. Who is Miss Coral?

20. What does Deborah witness Ellis doing to Helene?

21. How does Yr adapt to the world of the hospital?

22. Who is the Censor?

23. What is the Collect?

24. How would Dr. Fried best be described?

25. What does I Never Promised You a Rose Garden imply about the mentally ill?

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