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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. 1. Where is Christophine from?

2. 2. What is the name of Antoinette's disabled brother?

3. 3. With what does Antoinette sleep to protect herself from harm?

4. 4. Who negotiates the marriage between Antoinette and Rochester?

5. 5. What happens to Amelie after she sleeps with Rochester?

6. 6. What picture does Rochester absentmindedly draw?

7. 7. What does Aunt Cora give to Antoinette before she marries Rochester?

8. 8. What is the name of Annette's parrot?

9. 9. How many letters does Sandi Cosway send to Rochester?

10. 10. According to Annette, why does no one visit Coulibri Estate from Spanish Town?

11. 11. How does Rochester threaten Christophine?

12. 12. Who is Sandi Cosway?

13. 13. Who falls, burning, off a house?

14. 14. Why does Rochester rename Antoinette?

15. 15. Who gets Antoinette drunk first?

16. 16. What animal announces the changing weather?

17. 17. How many living children does Christophine have?

18. 18. Who finally persuades Antoinette to get married?

19. 19. What advice does Christophine give to Antoinette concerning Rochester?

20. 20. Why does Annette want to leave Jamaica?

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