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secret life of bees

by alicewilliams123, August 20, 2013

full title · The Secret Life of Bees

author · Sue Monk Kidd

type of work · Novel

genre · Bildungsroman (coming-of-age novel)

language · English

time and place written · 1997–2001, near Charleston, South Carolina

date of first publication · 2002

publisher · Viking Penguin

narrator · Fourteen-year-old Lily narrates the novel in retrospect, from the house where she now lives with the Boatwright sisters.

point of view · Lily narrates the novel in the first-person, desc... Read more


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A Huge Mistake

by DrewBraue, September 15, 2013

Someone in my class had this problem, probably from looking on this page as well. The No. 3 Quote is wrong. In the book the quote is about impossibility after talking about being in love with zach and it says "THE WORD (impossible) IS A GREAT BIG LOG THROWN ON THE FIRES OF LOVE"


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It would be helpful if you add the page numbers

by _RussianSpy_, September 20, 2014

Website is very helpful, I finished my assignment a lot faster with it, but you should add page numbers


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