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Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. The Dashwood sisters live in all of the following places except:

2. To which of the following characters is Fanny Dashwood related?

3. Who reveals to London society the news of Lucy's engagement to Edward?

4. In her excessive sensibility, Marianne most closely resembles which of the following characters?

5. Jane Austen initially wrote this novel in which of the following forms?

6. What was the name of the laws of inheritance that governed English society in Austen's day?

7. Which of the following characters is NOT noted for his or her great wealth?

8. For most of the novel, Colonel Brandon is in love with whom?

9. The novel begins with a discussion of what social phenomenon?

10. What does Marianne give to Willoughby as a token of her affection for him?

11. Who gives birth to a child during the novel?

12. What is Marianne's greatest talent?

13. Where do Elinor and Marianne first meet their brother, John, in London?

14. Which of the following couples has several young children?

15. Which of the following years fell within Jane Austen's lifetime?

16. Which of the following is NOT true about the publication of Sense and Sensibility?

17. Which of the following characters in the novel studies at Oxford?

18. Whom does John Dashwood encourage Elinor to marry?

19. When Marianne is deeply distressed after Willoughby rebuffs her at the London party, Elinor comforts her with all of the following EXCEPT:

20. Who is Queen Mab?

21. To whom does Willoughby confess at the end of the novel?

22. The women in the novel engage in all of the following diversions and activities EXCEPT:

23. Based on the novel, the common social practice when two lovers parted was to do what?

24. Mrs. Ferrars threatens to disinherit Edward unless he marries whom?

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Colonel Brandon

by HapuFan, October 13, 2013

I fail to understand Colonel Brandon's attraction for Marianne - to all intents and purposes Elinor would seem, to me, a much more suitable partner. So Marianne's ultimate marriage to Brandon at the end of the novel leaves the only jarring note of what is, otherwise, a most enjoyable book. One last thing, I can't fathom why a younger daughter, Margaret, is introduced at all and would love to hear others' takes on my opinions.


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willoughby,marianne and colonel

by petroosh, March 10, 2014

Elinor finds her love of life and she continues her life with edward while marianne is heart the novel the bond between elinor and edward,marianne and willoughby grow slowly and pssionately in their own ways while colonel's love for marianne is an unrequited love.we clearly acknowledged that marianne seeks love and passion more than elinor.but wat happens at the end is so spontaneous.itz somewhat hard to believe that a lover like marianne gets along with is evident that she marries him to prevent herself from her heartbr... Read more


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Lucy and Edward's engagement summary problem

by marebear20, April 06, 2015

Concerning this engagement, for those of you who haven't read this masterpiece (tsk, tsk), Edward and Lucy became enamored with each other while Edward was staying at Lucy's uncle's home, Mr. Pratt. Because Edward wasn't aware of what girl's were really like comparatively, he thought Lucy was perfect enough to become engaged to her. Both he and Lucy were around 18-19. Later in the story, when Edward proposes to Elinor, he tells her that, yes he and Lucy had been engaged for FOUR years. NOT ONE. He is 23-24 when he tells her this. This fact i

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