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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Where does Judge Pyncheon live?

2. Which character is the oldest?

3. What does Colonel Pyncheon die from?

4. What is the curse that Maule addresses to Colonel Pyncheon from the scaffold?

5. How is Hepzibah related to Clifford?

6. Who inadvertently caused Uncle Jaffrey’s death?

7. What is Holgrave’s profession?

8. At the beginning of the novel, Clifford has just spent thirty years in

9. Who is Holgrave’s ancestor?

10. Matthew Maule is hanged for what crime?

11. To what office does Judge Pyncheon hope to be elected?

12. Where is the deed to the Maine land hidden?

13. How old is Holgrave?

14. What is Judge Pyncheon’s first name?

15. What kind of bird does the Pyncheon family breed?

16. Why does Phoebe initially worry about Holgrave’s declaration of love?

17. What does Holgrave do when he finds the Judge’s body?

18. Why does Phoebe briefly depart from the house of the seven gables?

19. Who hypnotizes Phoebe?

20. Who is Hepzibah’s first customer?

21. What is the Judge’s most noteworthy feature?

22. Where is Hepzibah’s shop?

23. What animal, according to the novel, symbolizes New England greed?

24. What does the Judge threaten to do with Clifford?

25. What happens to the Judge’s son?

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