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William Armstrong


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Why does the boy's father get arrested?

2. Who shoots Sounder?

3. What does the boy put under his pillow as a good luck charm?

4. According to the boy's mother, how do oak leaves help cure wounds?

5. Where is Sounder's favorite hiding place?

6. How does the boy's mother support the family after his father is arrested?

7. More than anything, the boy wants to learn to do what?

8. What does the boy bring to his father when he visits his father in jail?

9. Before the boy goes to visit his father in jail, his mother warns him not to do what?

10. The boy's father tells the boy never to do what again?

11. The boy's father is sentenced to what punishment?

12. How soon after the boy sees his father in jail does Sounder return?

13. How does the boy get injured when he is out looking for his father?

14. How does the boy come to own his first book?

15. Where does he stop to wash the blood off of his fingers?

16. Why does his mother allow him to live with the teacher?

17. What does the boy do in the summers?

18. How does the boy's father get injured?

19. Why does the boy's father get to come home before his sentence is over?

20. Why does Sounder die?

21. What happens to the boy's siblings?

22. How does the boy feel about his father's death?

23. Why does the jailer break open the cake the boy brings for his father?

24. How many legs could Sounder use when he returned?

25. What was his father doing when he died?

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