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The Stranger

Albert Camus


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Which is Meursault’s favorite place to eat lunch?

2. Who loses his mangy dog?

3. Who pulls out a silver crucifix when he is talking to Meursault?

4. What kind of movie do Marie and Meursault see on their first date?

5. What did the residents of the old persons’ home call Thomas Perez when he started spending time with Madame Meursault?

6. What is Meursault and Marie’s favorite leisure activity?

7. What bothers Meursault most on the day of the funeral?

8. What does Meursault’s lawyer think of him?

9. Which of the following occurs first?

10. What does Meursault do during the vigil for his mother?

11. Which emotion best describes Meursault’s reaction to Marie’s marriage proposal?

12. Which person does Salamano’s dog resemble?

13. Which of the following people attends Meursault’s trial?

14. Who is the uninvited guest that comes into Meursault’s cell?

15. Who owns the beach house that Marie, Meursault, and Raymond visit?

16. What is the most damaging evidence during Meursault’s trial?

17. At first, what bothers Meursault about prison?

18. Whose gun does Meursault use to kill the Arab?

19. Who slaps Raymond?

20. What method of execution will be used to kill Meursault?

21. Which of these people lives in Meursault’s building?

22. How soon after his mother’s funeral does Meursault have a date with Marie?

23. What is the examining magistrate’s nickname for Meursault?

24. How does Meursault feel during his lawyer’s closing arguments?

25. Which of these is the novel’s famous first line?

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Meursault`s Morality

by I dont need a bluddy nick name, March 21, 2013

This Spark Note describes Meursault as being amoral. I completely disagree with this interpretation. It is not that Meursault does not understand right and wrong but rather that his ideas of right and wrong differ from those of society. This different moral code can be seen by the way he refuses to break his own morals. He may not value life but he does value honesty and his disbelief in a higher being. Throughout the book he never lies or pretends to have faith in God not even to save his life. His specific moral code is founded in Camus` ... Read more


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Morality in 'The Stranger'

by dmborong, April 11, 2013

Albert Camus' idea of morality in 'The Stranger' is completely unconventional and this can be seen through the protagonist who is a total embarrassment to the society in which he finds himself. This disparity between what is expected of Meursault and what he displays forms the basis of Albert Camus' philosophy of morality. There is a big question mark on conventional morality which the author finds to be absurd. He seems to be questioning the fabric of societal morality on grounds of motivation; are some of those values upheld merely for con... Read more


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Response to No-Bloody-Nickname

by OverseasTeacher, April 29, 2013

Morality is simply the way that an individual chooses between opposing values in a given situation.

So, lets say "Prolife" vs "Prochoice" as a moral issue. Regardless of your position, you are pushing values. The question isn't "is a fetus valuable?" or "is a woman's right to choose what happens to her body valuable?"

The vast majority of the world would answer yes to both. No, the question is... "which is more valuable if you can't have both?"

In this way, morality requires an active decision making.

This is wher


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