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Swann's Way

Marcel Proust


Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. Marcel's favorite author is

2. Which historical figure does Marcel imagine himself to be?

3. Swann is a

4. Where does Marcel go for the summer?

5. With whom does Odette cheat on Swann?

6. Where is Odette from?

7. In which period of French history does the novel take place?

8. What does Marcel describe when first learning how to write?

9. How many siblings does Marcel have?

10. Who sends Swann the anonymous letter about Odette's infidelities?

11. What is Marcel eating when his memory takes him back to Combray?

12. For what country does Odette leave with Forcheville?

13. Who does Odette use to make Swann jealous?

14. What kind of music is Vinteuil's violin score?

15. Whom does Marcel see together while spying?

16. Of what does Léonie die?

17. What play does Odette go see against Swann's wishes?

18. Who does Marcel see with Odette and Charlus?

19. What color eyes does Gilberte have?

20. When did Proust publish Swann's Way?

21. What color does Marcel think Gilberte's eyes are?

22. What helps Swann continue to love Odette?

23. Which painter inspired Proust to write like and evoke his paintings?

24. Which conception of time does Proust utilize in the novel?

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