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Into Thin Air

Jon Krakauer



The book Into Thin Air originally began as a magazine article. Outside Magazine sent Krakauer, an experienced mountain climber, to write an article about the commercialism surrounding Mount Everest. Krakauer got the magazine to agree to pay for him to attempt to summit the mountain—something he had always dreamed of doing—rather than reporting from Base Camp, as was the original arrangement. After writing the magazine article, Krakauer wasn't finished telling the story. He continued researching and contacting other climbers, revising existing information and supplying new, more thorough details of the account.

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"Into thin Air"

by Grizzthekid2014, August 07, 2012

When the clients would have sexual relations the book specifically stated that it what called " Sause making" I think you guys should add that in their because its important fact and could be on high school test knowing how specific teachers are these days. Thanks!


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