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This Boy's Life

Tobias Wolff


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. In whose honor does Toby change his name to Jack?

2. What does Sister James tell Jack while they are in the kitchen?

3. What does jack do after he shoots the squirrel?

4. Why does Jack want to go to Phoenix?

5. What does Jack fantasize about Annette from the Mickey Mouse Club?

6. What kind of people does Terry Silver like to prank call?

7. What two things does Gil promise to give Jack?

8. In what condition is the house that Rosemary buys with Kathy and Marian?

9. What reason does Dwight give for his poor performance in the turkey shoot?

10. What is Jack's punishment for writing an obscenity on the bathroom wall?

11. On the drive to Chinook with Jack, what animal does Dwight intentionally run over?

12. Among his classmates, how is Arthur regarded?

13. How is Skipper's 1949 Ford destroyed?

14. How does Jack spend the eighty dollars he planned to use to run away?

15. Who is Champion?

16. What are Dwight and Jack arguing over when Rosemary decides to send Jack to live with the Bolgers?

17. What do Jack and Chuck steal from the Welch farm?

18. For what crime is Chuck threatened with jail time?

19. Who marries Tina Flood?

20. What does Jack steal from Dwight?

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Incorrect Information

by xx20, January 08, 2015

No where is Kenneth's religion even suggested, much less imposed on others. He is annoying in that he loves to argue and make people despise him.
Roy and Rosemary were never married; he was Rosemary's ex-boyfriend but stalks her against her will.


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by Orcus74, May 05, 2015

Thanks for your help Sparknotes

Not sure..

by rubyyys, January 17, 2016

Didn't Rosemary and Jack's father only divorce 5 years before the story was set? This would have meant that jack was 5. Also, didn't he have the option to go with his father if he wanted? I'm not sure though, I'm just a little confused


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