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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who kills Boromir?

2. Whom is Aragorn pursuing at the opening of The Two Towers?

3. What is Legolas’s special ability?

4. What are the Uruk-hai?

5. What type of creature is Fangorn?

6. What is an Entmoot?

7. What is the final decision of the Ent assembly?

8. What is the relation between Gandalf and the White Rider?

9. Who is most closely associated with the Golden Hall?

10. Who controls the realm of Isengard?

11. Who is Éowyn?

12. For what does Gandalf denounce Wormtongue?

13. What is a palantír?

14. How is Saruman’s palantír separated from its owner?

15. Which two characters are the primary focus of the second half of The Two Towers?

16. For what food does Gollum frequently yearn?

17. How are Boromir and Faramir related?

18. Why does Faramir blindfold Frodo and Sam?

19. What is Gollum doing when Faramir’s men spot him?

20. To what do the stairs of Cirith Ungol lead?

21. What does Gollum call the Ring?

22. What is Shelob?

23. What does the phial of Galadrial provide?

24. How do Sam and Frodo overcome the obstacle of Shelob’s cobwebs?

25. In what state does Sam find Frodo after Shelob’s attack?

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Trying to trip up the lazy, or is it a mistake?

by CBCoulter, July 11, 2012

In the Sparknotes guide to The Lord of the Rings, on page 186 in the Character List for The Return of the King, Eomer is mis-identified as Theodan's son and heir. This is incorrect; Eomer is Theodan's nephew. Theodred was Theodan's son, and he was killed by Orcs, making Eomer, next in line for the throne, the new heir.

Is this error put in to trip up folks who aren't going to read the book, or is it a serious editing oversight?


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correction to summary

by tew1988, December 18, 2013

the plot summary says the hobbits meet an ent named Fangorn. Fangorn is the name of the forest, Treebeard is the name of the ent.


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Lacks attention to detail

by prancingpony2014, January 11, 2014

I've been reading through the series for the first time and using SparkNotes after each volume to help me process some of the larger literary elements I might otherwise miss. The SparkNote for FotR was very good, but this volume has many factual errors that make it distracting. Among these are: 1) the Orcs who capture Merry and Pippin heard a *rumor* about them possessing *something*, not a prophecy about them having the One Ring; 2) Gimli does not see a vision of Saruman, but all three see the figure in the woods with their own eyes and Ara... Read more


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