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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. 1. What is the sole inheritance Sabina claims from her father?

2. 2. What is Tomas's point in the Oedipus article he wrote?

3. 3. How do Tereza and Tomas meet?

4. 4. Why does Franz and Sabina's relationship end?

5. 5. Why does Simon write the words "He wanted the kingdom of God on earth" on Tomas's tombstone?

6. 6. Why does Tereza leave Tomas in Zurich?

7. 7. What is the nature of Tereza's relationship with the tall engineer?

8. 8. Why does Franz's wife refuse to grant him a divorce?

9. 9. What can we infer about Kundera's opinion of the Grand March?

10. 10. Which of the following characters does Sabina consider not kitsch?

11. 11. What is Tereza's relation to the human body?

12. 12. What results from Tereza's photographs of the Soviet invasion?

13. 13. Why does Tereza fall in love with Tomas instantly?

14. 14. What is the secret behind all of Sabina's paintings?

15. 15. Why does Tomas lose his position as surgeon?

16. 16. Why do Tomas and Tereza move to the country?

17. 17. Why does Tomas's son contact him after so many years?

18. 18. Why is Tereza fascinated with the strangely shaped woman at the sauna?

19. 19. Why does Tomas return to Prague from Zurich?

20. 20. How does Franz continue living after Sabina leaves?

21. 21. What is the essence of Tomas's womanizing?

22. 22. Why does Sabina doubt herself at times when she reaches America?

23. 23. Why do Tomas's colleagues at the hospital wish he would sign the retraction?

24. 24. Why does Franz go to Cambodia and pick a fight in the street?

25. 25. In the end, which is the better path, lightness or weight?

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