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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. To whom does Shelby sell Tom and Harry?

2. In what year was the Fugitive Slave Act passed?

3. In what city do the St. Clares live?

4. How old is Emmeline?

5. Who is Eliza’s mother?

6. How many children does Uncle Tom have?

7. In what state is the Shelby farm located?

8. Where does Tom first meet Eva?

9. In what state was Uncle Tom’s Cabin written?

10. Over what river does Eliza make her miraculous crossing?

11. Who inherits ownership of Tom when St. Clare dies?

12. How does St. Clare die?

13. Who saves Eva from drowning?

14. In what state is Legree’s plantation located?

15. Who shoots Tom Loker?

16. Who heals Loker?

17. What term describes Cassy’s racial heritage?

18. What President reportedly claimed that Uncle Tom’s Cabin started the Civil War?

19. From where does Eliza cross into Canada?

20. Whom does St. Clare give to Ophelia to educate?

21. Which character directly opposes the Fugitive Slave Law?

22. Who beats Uncle Tom to death?

23. What is Mrs. Shelby’s first name?

24. In what state does Tom die?

25. To which country do George and Eliza plan to immigrate?

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Just a comment on the analysis

by mar_vin_kaiser, June 15, 2014

In the analysis of Chapters XXIV–XXVIII of Uncle Tom's Cabin, would it be ok if the reference to Uncle Tom's death was removed? It was really a spoiler for me, reading each analysis after finishing the set of chapters for that analysis, and I think other readers won't like these kinds of spoilers as well. Thanks and


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by Ziam_is_bae, December 06, 2014

This really helped with my reading of the book. It made it so much easier!! There wasn't any heavy vocab to go through, and it helped me understand the context easily. I will definitely come to this website first from now on!!


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by valdeline, December 13, 2014

Which chapters would you say describes, Simon Legrre, Miss Ophelia and Eva's attitude towards slavery?


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