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War and Peace

Leo Tolstoy


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. With a discussion of what topic does Anna Pavlovna Scherer open the novel?

2. What is Vasili Kuragin interested in obtaining for his son Anatole?

3. Who is Helene’s father?

4. In what century is War and Peace set?

5. What is Pierre’s most noticeable physical feature?

6. Who is the owner of the estate called Bald Hills?

7. Who is Mademoiselle Bourienne?

8. Who is severely wounded at the Battle of Austerlitz?

9. Who is Pierre’s first wife?

10. With which man is it rumored Pierre’s wife is having an affair?

11. What topic does the mysterious stranger Pierre encounters at the Torzhok station discuss?

12. For what misdeed is Nicholas’s friend Denisov in danger of being court-martialed?

13. How does Nicholas rescue Mary?

14. What does Pierre madly and briefly imagine his mission in life to be?

15. How does Helene attempt to marry another man while still wedded to Pierre?

16. Why do the Rostovs unload the carts containing their possessions during the evacuation of Moscow?

17. According to the narrator of War and Peace, which of the following best describes the Battle of Borodino?

18. In what public place does Natasha become interested in Anatole?

19. For what does the dying Count Rostov beg forgiveness?

20. Who is Mary’s brother?

21. What good deed ends up getting Pierre captured by the French?

22. What causes Petya’s death?

23. Through what Russian city, occupied by the French, does Pierre wander?

24. How does Platon Karataev die?

25. What does Natasha do when Andrew rejects her?

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Wrong answer

by sabinkamalinka, October 22, 2013

I am currently taking Russian Literature- War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy and I know for a fact that the chronology for War and Peace goes throughout 18th century! You should really consider changing the answer on the War and Peace quiz!

19th century begins in 1800

by tothetin, October 23, 2013

The events of War and Peace begin in 1805 and proceed to around 1812. The century that begins in the year 1800 is referred to as the 19th century.


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Correction to plot summary, Book 12

by keepbabbling, April 27, 2014

"Natasha takes Mary into the room where Andrew is lying, and Mary is shocked to see her brother looking soft and gentle. Mary knows this appearance to be a sign of his approaching death."
Natasha tells Mary there has been a change recently in Andrew, and while Mary expects that means he has become soft and gentle because he is dying, she is shocked to find it is the opposite -- he has become hard and indifferent. His mind has became fixed on the next life and so he no longer has any emotions for anything in the current life.


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