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Watership Down

Richard Adams


Chapters 47–Epilogue

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Chapters 47–Epilogue

Chapters 47–Epilogue

Chapters 47–Epilogue

Chapters 47–Epilogue

Chapters 47–Epilogue


Chapter 47: The Sky Suspended

Dandelion takes off with the dog behind him. After a brief rest in the cattle shed, he manages to keep the dog following him up to where Blackberry is waiting. He draws the dog out of the gate, but then it seems to lose interest. Finally it starts up the hill at a slow trot. Dandelion catches up, and together the two rabbits get the dog's attention. It charges after them.

Woundwort tries to get Bigwig to move, but Bigwig knows that even his dead body will be a major obstacle, as it will block the way. Finally Woundwort jumps at Bigwig and pushes him backwards. Bigwig struggles, but is slowly pushed back, when suddenly Woundwort loses strength. Bigwig's blows have caused Woundwort's nose to bleed, and he cannot breathe as he tries pushing Bigwig. Finally the General lets go and retreats. His troops are incredulous, and when he sends one rabbit in to finish off Bigwig, the rabbit is too scared to go. Woundwort decides to work from another angle, leaving Bigwig there. He goes above ground to work out a new digging plan. Just then, Campion comes running and screams for them all to flee. The dog appears, running fast, and only Woundwort stands his ground, urging the others to stay and fight.

Chapter 48: Dea ex Machina

Lucy, the little girl who lives on the farm, hears squealing and rescues Hazel from her cat. She wants to show the hurt rabbit to the doctor, who comes over just as the dog comes back, with a bad scratch on his nose and a bite on his leg. The doctor says the rabbit is fine, and he offers to give Lucy a ride to somewhere they can let it go. She lets it go right at the base of Watership Down.

Chapter 49: Hazel Comes Home

Woundwort's standing up to the dog has probably saved the lives of many rabbits by giving them time to run away. Campion decides that the Efrafans should go home, and with his guidance most of them make it back alive. Several Efrafans ran into the hole when the dog came and surrendered immediately to Fiver. Bigwig is hurt badly, but he seems to recover, and Hazel comes running up to tell his story.

Chapter 50: And Last

It is October. Two more of the does have had litters, and everyone is living well. The Efrafans who surrendered have joined the warren and get along fine, although they believe Woundwort is still alive somewhere. Hazel thinks they should start a new warren between theirs and Efrafa. The young kittens are growing up, hearing stories of adventure and receiving training from Bigwig in how to attack cats.


It is several years later. The new warren was started and things went well with all three warrens. Woundwort was never seen again, but his legend lived on. Hazel has lived long, much longer than rabbits live. One cold morning in March, a rabbit with shining light in his ears comes for Hazel. They walk out into the day, and Hazel leaves his body behind him, looking back only to see that all is well before moving on to his new world.

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Test Your Understanding with the Chapters 47–Epilogue Quiz



What does Woundwort do when his nose begins to clog with blood?
Breathes through his mouth
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Test Your Understanding with the Chapters 47–Epilogue Quiz

Chapters 47–Epilogue QUIZ

Test Your Understanding with the Chapters 47–Epilogue Quiz

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