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Amplitude  -  One-half the distance between the minimum and maximum value of a periodic function.
Graph  -  A drawing of the coordinate plane with points plotted on it.
Phase Shift  -  The constant by which functions are horizontally shifted from one another.
Shift  -  The vertical or horizontal movement of the graph of a function without changing the shape of the graph.
Stretch  -  The vertical or horizontal changing of the graph of a function such that its shape changes, but its orientation does not--for a function f , f (0, 0) remains the same.
Vertical Line Test  -  A method to determine whether a given plotted line on a graph is a function. If a vertical line can be placed somewhere in the coordinate plane such that it intersects with the graph twice, the graph is not a function. Two intersections with a vertical line signify that for a given value of x , there are two possible values of f (x) , which by definition is impossible for a function.

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