Antony and Cleopatra

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

CANIDIUS marcheth with his land army one way over the stage, and TAURUS, the lieutenant of CAESAR, the other way. After their going in is heard the noise of a sea fight
CANIDIUS and his army marches one way across the stage while CAESAR’s lieutenant, TAURUS, marches across the other way. After the two armies march off stage, the noise of a battle at sea is heard.
Alarum. Enter ENOBARBUS
Trumpets sound a retreat. ENOBARBUS enters.
Naught, naught, all naught! I can behold no longer.
Th’ Antoniad, the Egyptian admiral,
With all their sixty, fly and turn the rudder.
To see ’t mine eyes are blasted.
We’re ruined, ruined, ruined! I can’t watch any more. The Egyptian flagship, the Antoniad, followed by all sixty Egyptian ships, has turned and fled. It destroyed my eyes to look upon it.
SCARUS enters.
                                                              Gods and goddesses,
5All the whole synod of them!
Gods and goddesses—the whole congregation of them!
                                                         What’s thy passion?
What’s wrong with you?
The greater cantle of the world is lost
With very ignorance. We have kissed away
Kingdoms and provinces.
We have lost a major portion of the world through utter foolishness. We have kissed away entire kingdoms and provinces.
                                                   How appears the fight?
How goes the battle?
On our side like the tokened pestilence,
10Where death is sure. Yon ribaudred nag of Egypt—
Whom leprosy o’ertake!—i’ th’ midst o’ th’ fight,
When vantage like a pair of twins appeared
Both as the same, or rather ours the elder,
The breeze upon her, like a cow in June,
15Hoists sails and flies.
Our side shows all the signs of certain defeat, which appear like the symptomatic sores of the plague. Right in the middle of the fight, just when the battle could have gone either way—actually we had a slight advantage—that immoral Egyptian nag—May she die of leprosy!—suddenly became frightened, and turned her ships around and fled.
That I beheld.
Mine eyes did sicken at the sight and could not
Endure a further view.
I saw that. The sight made me so sick I couldn’t watch any more.