Antony and Cleopatra

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Enter CLEOPATRA and her maids aloft, with CHARMIAN and IRAS
CLEOPATRA, CHARMIAN, and IRAS enter with Cleopatra’s maids in the upper gallery.
O Charmian, I will never go from hence.
Oh, Charmian, I will never leave this tomb!
Be comforted, dear madam.
Be calm, dear lady.
                                                      No, I will not.
All strange and terrible events are welcome,
But comforts we despise. Our size of sorrow,
5Proportioned to our cause, must be as great
As that which makes it.
No, I won’t. Strange and terrible events are all welcome, but I despise comforts. The size of my sorrow must be as great as its source.
Enter below DIOMEDES
DIOMEDES enters below.
                                                 How now? Is he dead?
What’s the news! Is he dead?
His death’s upon him, but not dead.
Look out o’ th’ other side your monument.
His guard have brought him thither.
He is close to death, but not dead yet. Look out the other window; his guard has brought him here.
Enter below ANTONY, and the guard bearing him
Guards enter, carrying ANTONY.
                                                                        O sun,
10Burn the great sphere thou mov’st in. Darkling stand
The varying shore o’ th’ world! O Antony,
Antony, Antony! Help, Charmian, help, Iras, help!
Help, friends below! Let’s draw him hither.
Oh, sun, burn up the orbit in which you move, so that the world may be dark forever! Oh, Antony, Antony, Antony! Help, Charmian, help, Iras, help! Help, friends below; lift him up here.
Not Caesar’s valor hath o’erthrown Antony,
15But Antony’s hath triumphed on itself.
Be calm! It was not Caesar’s bravery that conquered Antony but Antony’s that has triumphed over himself.
So it should be, that none but Antony
Should conquer Antony, but woe ’tis so!
That’s the way it should be—only Antony should conquer Antony. But how terrible that it has happened!