by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Corioli. The Senate-house.
The Senate house in Corioles.
Enter TULLUS AUFIDIUS and certain Senators
TULLUS AUFIDIUS and Senators of Corioles enter.
So, your opinion is, Aufidius,
That they of Rome are entered in our counsels
And know how we proceed.
So Aufidius, your opinion is that the Romans have spied on our council meetings
and know how we proceed.
Is it not yours?
5What ever have been thought on in this state,
That could be brought to bodily act ere Rome
Had circumvention? ’Tis not four days gone
Since I heard thence; these are the words: I think
I have the letter here; yes, here it is.
Don’t you agree? Haven’t all the plans we’ve ever discussed here that could be put into action against Rome been thwarted? Not even four days have gone by since I heard from the field, these are the words—I think I have the letter here—yes, here it is.
He reads.
10‘They have press’d a power, but it is not known
Whether for east or west: the dearth is great;
The people mutinous; and it is rumour’d,
Cominius, Martius your old enemy,
Who is of Rome worse hated than of you,
15And Titus Lartius, a most valiant Roman,
These three lead on this preparation
Whither ’tis bent: most likely ’tis for you:
Consider of it.’
“They’ve raised an army, but it’s not known whether they will march east or west. The famine is serious, the people are rebelling, and it’s rumored that Cominius, your old enemy Martius—who the Romans hate worse than you—and Titus Lartius, a most valiant Roman, these three lead the attack, wherever it’s headed. Most likely toward you. Think about it.”
Our army’s in the field
20We never yet made doubt but Rome was ready
To answer us.
Our army’s in the field. We’ve never doubted that the Romans were ready to fight back.