Henry IV, Part 1

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Enter the ARCHBISHOP of York and SIR MICHAEL
The ARCHBISHOP of York and SIR MICHAEL enter.
Hie, good Sir Michael, bear this sealèd brief
With winged haste to the Lord Marshal,
This to my cousin Scroop, and all the rest
To whom they are directed. If you knew
5How much they do import, you would make haste.
Hurry, Sir Michael, bring this sealed letter as fast as you can to the Lord Marshal. Bring this one to Scroop, and all the rest to whom they are addressed. If you knew how important they were, you would hurry.
My good lord, I guess their tenor.
My good lord, I can guess what they say.
Like enough you do.
Tomorrow, good Sir Michael, is a day
Wherein the fortune of ten thousand men
10Must bide the touch. For, sir, at Shrewsbury,
As I am truly given to understand,
The King with mighty and quick-raisèd power
Meets with Lord Harry. And I fear, Sir Michael,
What with the sickness of Northumberland,
15Whose power was in the first proportion,
And what with Owen Glendower’s absence thence,
Who with them was a rated sinew too
And comes not in, o'er-ruled by prophecies,
I fear the power of Percy is too weak
20To wage an instant trial with the King.
I’m sure you can. Tomorrow, Sir Michael, ten thousand men will try their luck. I’m told that at Shrewsbury, the King—with a huge and quickly assembled army—will fight Harry Percy. I’m afraid, Michael, that without Northumberland, whose army was the largest of all, and without Owen Glendower, who was also being counted on but is absent because his horoscope told him to stay away, I’m afraid that Percy’s army will be too weak to fight the King right now.
Why, my good lord, you need not fear.
There is Douglas and Lord Mortimer.
Don’t worry, sir. Douglas and Mortimer are there.
No, Mortimer is not there.
No, Mortimer isn’t there.
But there is Mordake, Vernon, Lord Harry Percy,
25And there is my Lord of Worcester and a head
Of gallant warriors, noble gentlemen.
But Mordake is there, and Vernon, and Harry Percy, and Worcester and a slew of brave warriors and excellent men.