Henry IV, Part 1

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

The KING enters with his power and they cross the stage. Alarum to the battle.
The KING crosses the stage with his army. The trumpets sound the call to battle.
Then enter DOUGLAS and Sir Walter BLUNT, disguised as the KING
DOUGLAS and Sir Walter BLUNT enter. BLUNT is disguised as the KING
What is thy name that in the battle thus
Thou crossest me? What honor dost thou seek
Upon my head?
What is your name—you, who are attacking me like this? What honor do you think you’ll get by fighting me?
Know then, my name is Douglas,
5And I do haunt thee in the battle thus
Because some tell me that thou art a king.
My name is Douglas, and I’m haunting you in this battle because they tell me you are a king.
They tell thee true.
They tell you the truth.
The Lord of Stafford dear today hath bought
Thy likeness, for instead of thee, King Harry,
10This sword hath ended him. So shall it thee,
Unless thou yield thee as my prisoner.
Today, Lord Stafford paid for resembling you so well, for instead of you, King Harry, my sword killed him. Now it will kill you, unless you surrender as my prisoner.
I was not born a yielder, thou proud Scot,
And thou shalt find a king that will revenge
Lord Stafford’s death.
I was not born to surrender, you arrogant Scotsman. You’re about to see a king take revenge for Stafford’s death.
They fight. DOUGLAS kills BLUNT. Enter HOTSPUR
They fight. DOUGLAS kills BLUNT. HOTSPUR enters.
15O Douglas, hadst thou fought at Holmedon thus,
I never had triumphed upon a Scot.
Oh, Douglas! If you’d fought like this at Holmedon, I would never have been able to beat you.
All’s done, all’s won; here breathless lies the King.
It’s over, we’ve won: here’s the King, dead.