Julius Caesar

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Alarums Enter CASSIUS and TITINIUS
Sounds of battle. CASSIUS and TITINIUS enter.
O, look, Titinius, look, the villains fly!
Myself have to mine own turned enemy.
This ensign here of mine was turning back.
I slew the coward and did take it from him.
5 (indicates his standard)
Oh, look, Titinius, look! Those villains, our soldiers, flee! I’ve become an enemy to my own soldiers! This standard-bearer here of mine was running away, so I killed him and took the flag from him. (points to his flag)
O Cassius, Brutus gave the word too early,
Who, having some advantage on Octavius,
Took it too eagerly. His soldiers fell to spoil,
Whilst we by Antony are all enclosed.
Oh, Cassius, Brutus gave the orders too soon. Having an advantage over Octavius, he took it too eagerly, and his soldiers began looting, and now we’re surrounded by Antony’s men.
PINDARUS enters.
10Fly further off, my lord, fly further off.
Mark Antony is in your tents, my lord.
Fly, therefore, noble Cassius, fly far off.
Retreat further, my lord, retreat further. Mark Antony is in your tents, my lord. Therefore you must run, noble Cassius.
This hill is far enough.—Look, look, Titinius.
Are those my tents where I perceive the fire?
This hill is far enough. Look, look, Titinius. Are those my tents on fire?
15They are, my lord.
They are, my lord.
    Titinius, if thou lovest me,
Mount thou my horse, and hide thy spurs in him
Till he have brought thee up to yonder troops
And here again, that I may rest assured
Whether yond troops are friend or enemy.
Titinius, if you love me, get on your horse and spur him on until he’s brought you to those troops and back again, so that I can find out whether those troops are friends or enemies.