Richard III

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Enter RICHARD and BUCKINGHAM, at several doors
RICHARD and BUCKINGHAM, enter through different doors.
How now, how now? What say the citizens?
So what did the citizens say?
Now, by the holy mother of our Lord,
The citizens are mum, say not a word.
It’s incredible—they didn’t say a word.
Touched you the bastardy of Edward’s children?
Did you mention that Edward’s children are bastards?
5I did; with his contract with Lady Lucy
And his contract by deputy in France;
Th' unsatiate greediness of his desire
And his enforcement of the city wives;
His tyranny for trifles; his own bastardy,
10As being got, your father then in France,
His resemblance being not like the duke.
Withal, I did infer your lineaments,
Being the right idea of your father,
Both in your form and nobleness of mind;
15Laid open all your victories in Scotland,
Your discipline in war, wisdom in peace,
Your bounty, virtue, fair humility;
Indeed, left nothing fitting for your purpose
Untouched or slightly handled in discourse.
20And when mine oratory grew toward end,
I bid them that did love their country’s good
Cry “God save Richard, England’s royal king!”
I did. I talked about how he was engaged to

Lady Lucy

Edward IV was engaged to Elizabeth Lucy and had a child with her before he married Elizabeth Grey.

Lady Lucy
, and how he was engaged to

Lady Bona

Edward sent Warwick to secure this French marriage and then backed out of it.

Lady Bona
through the help of the earl of Warwick. I spoke of the unquenchable greediness of Edward’s desires and the way he forced himself on the wives of Londoners. I mentioned the way he punished people harshly for minor offenses. I said he was not the son of the noble duke of York, because your father was in France when he was conceived, which explains why he doesn’t have anything in common with his father. And then I suggested that you were the spitting image of your father, both in the way you look and in the nobleness of your character. I went into all your victories in Scotland, your skill as a warrior, your wisdom in peacetime, your generosity, your goodness, and your exceptional modesty. Indeed, I left nothing out. And when my oration came to a close, I asked those who loved their country to cry, “God save Richard, England’s royal king!”
And did they so?
And did they?