The Taming of the Shrew

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Enter KATHERINE and BIANCA, her hands bound
KATHERINE and BIANCA enter. BIANCA'S hands are tied.
Good sister, wrong me not nor wrong yourself,
To make a bondmaid and a slave of me.
That I disdain. But for these other goods—
Unbind my hands, I’ll pull them off myself,
5Yea, all my raiment to my petticoat,
Or what you will command me will I do,
So well I know my duty to my elders.
Dear sister, it’s unfair to me—and unfair to yourself—to turn me into a slave. That I won’t stand for. But if you want my things—untie my hands and I’ll give them to you myself, everything, even down to my slip. Or anything else you order me to do. I know I should obey my elders.
Of all thy suitors here I charge thee tell
Whom thou lovest best. See thou dissemble not.
What I want is for you to tell me which of your suitors you like best. And don’t lie.
10Believe me, sister, of all the men alive
I never yet beheld that special face
Which I could fancy more than any other.
I swear, dear sister, I have not yet encountered that special face I might prefer to any other.
Minion, thou liest. Is ’t not Hortensio?
You lying brat. It’s Hortensio, isn’t it?
If you affect him, sister, here I swear
15I’ll plead for you myself, but you shall have him.
If you want him, dear sister, he’s yours. I swear I’ll woo him for you myself.
Oh, then belike you fancy riches more.
You will have Gremio to keep you fair.
Oh, I see. You’re more interested in money. You’ll live in luxury with Gremio.
Is it for him you do envy me so?
Nay, then you jest, and now I well perceive
20You have but jested with me all this while.
I prithee, sister Kate, untie my hands.
Is it because of him that you envy me? You must be kidding! And now I see that you’ve been joking all the while. Please, Kate, untie my hands.
KATHERINE strikes her
KATHERINE strikes her.