The Winter's Tale

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

A prison.
A prison.
Enter PAULINA, a Gentleman, and Attendants
PAULINA, a gentleman, and attendants enter.
The keeper of the prison, call to him;
let him have knowledge who I am.
Call the prison overseer. Tell him who I am.
Exit Gentleman
The gentleman exits.
Good lady,
No court in Europe is too good for thee;
5What dost thou then in prison?
No court in Europe is good enough for you, good lady, so why are you in prison?
Re-enter Gentleman, with the Gaoler
The gentleman re-enters, with the Jailer.
Now, good sir,
You know me, do you not?
Good sir, you know me, don’t you?
For a worthy lady
And one whom much I honour.
I know you as a worthy woman and one I have great respect for.
10Pray you then,
Conduct me to the queen.
Please, then, take me to the queen.
I may not, madam:
To the contrary I have express commandment.
I can’t, madam. I have explicit orders not to.
Here’s ado,
15To lock up honesty and honour from
The access of gentle visitors!
Is’t lawful, pray you,
To see her women? any of them? Emilia?
Such a fuss just to keep kind visitors from seeing such an honest and honorable lady! Am I allowed to see her attendants? Any of them? Emilia?
So please you, madam,
20To put apart these your attendants, I
Shall bring Emilia forth.
If you would please send away your attendants, I’ll bring out Emilia.