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Discourse on Inequality

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Full-Book Quiz

1. What are the two principles from which natural right flows?

2. What does moral or political inequality depend upon?

3. Whose view of the state of nature does Rousseau chiefly challenge?

4. To whom is the Discourse on Inequality dedicated?

5. What does Rousseau think about the exact connection between physical and moral inequality?

6. What engenders amour propre?

7. Who was the true founder of civil society?

8. How did the idea of pride arise in man?

9. Where do savage men live, according to Rousseau?

10. Which two arts were most important in the appearance of inequality and property?

11. When was the Discourse on Inequality published?

12. Who ran the competition for which the Discourse was an entry?

13. Who is the author of the quotation on the front page of the Discourse?

14. If a government is monarchical, what does this tell us about the conditions of its institution?

15. What is the last stage of inequality?

16. What is the only law left under despotism?

17. What does modern society offer to the eye of the wise man?

18. What, amongst other things, does Rousseau call his project?

19. What are the two conditions under which all men are equal?

20. What does the savage man who "sells his bed in the morning, and comes weeping to buy it back in the evening" lack, according to Rousseau (apart from a bed)?

21. How does Rousseau believe that languages are taught?

22. Whose ideas on language does Rousseau mostly accept?

23. What is the value of trying to reconstruct man's condition in the state of nature from his condition in society?

24. What is man's first language?

25. Given the institution of inequality, which form of government does Rousseau suggest has been the best thus far in human development?

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Changes in opinion of others over time

by dwgreco, March 29, 2016

A central idea of Rousseau was that “modern people exist within an ever-increasing system of needs in which the opinion of others is vitally important, is hugely influential.”


1. Over the course of human history has the opinion of others become increasingly more important to the average individual, so that, for example, today the opinion of others is more important than it was to the average person 100 years ago, 200 years ago, 1000 years ago etc.?

2. As the average person alive today gets older, do the op... Read more


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