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List of Characters

List of Characters

List of Characters

Meditator  -  The narrative voice of the Meditations. In the Meditations, the Meditator is left gender-neutral. The opinions expressed in the Meditations are no doubt Descartes' opinions, and it is significant that he writes in meditational form with a distinct and carefully chosen voice. (The style and narrative are imitative of the Jesuit founder Ignatius of Loyola's Spiritual Exercises.) The voice is not that of Descartes so much as it is the voice of guidance to lead the reader through the Meditations.

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Modern Philosophical Clarification

by mj1492, May 01, 2013

"No "proof" of the existence of God is widely accepted today, and the search for such a proof is no longer a hot philosophical topic. While there is still disagreement over whether or not God exists and what God's nature is, it is generally agreed that God's existence cannot be proved through a feat of the intellect."

This is just a false statement. It is true that there is no widely accepted proof of God's existence, but it is not true to say that it's no longer a relevant philosophical topic. It's actually increasingly relevant. Som


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