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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. With what question does the Meno begin?

2. Where is Meno from?

3. Socrates reminds Meno that no virtue is truly beneficial without:

4. Socrates uses which examples to demonstrate the idea of a definition?

5. "What else is being miserable," asks Socrates...

6. What mistake does Socrates eventually reveal in Meno's definition of virtue as the desire for beautiful things and the power to attain them?

7. Why does Meno call Socrates a torpedo fish?

8. What paradox does Meno raise?

9. According to Socrates, the soul is:

10. According to Socrates, learning is a kind of:

11. Socrates questions Meno's slave about:

12. Socrates says that "all that the soul endures, if directed by _____, ends in happiness."

13. Socrates reacts to Anytus' disapproval of the Sophists with:

14. Protagoras is used as an example of:

15. Anytus suggests that Meno talk to whom to learn about virtue?

16. Gorgias refuses to say:

17. How does true opinion relate to knowledge?

18. According to Socrates' conclusion at the end of the Meno, beneficent statesmen are like:

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